Homeowner Tips



  • Wait a year to paint your unit.  In any new home there is a “drying out” period. This may be from six months to one year in duration; depending on the time of year construction took place.  Most construction materials (e.g. lumber, plaster, masonry, etc.) contain moisture and a gradual drying out process takes place after the unit is completed. This may cause nail pops, shrinkage cracks as well as separation of materials (baseboards, casing, etc.).  Although this is nothing to be concerned about, it is recommended that you wait to paint your unit to avoid having to do touch ups at a later date.

  • When in the cooling mode, set your thermostat to between 23 & 24 degrees celcius.  Setting the thermostat below 21 degrees can cause the cooling coil in your furnace to ice up and result in a loss of cooling performance.  Don’t use the air conditioner like a light switch. Set your temperature and leave it!

  • Furnace filters are to be changed or cleaned regularly.  It is recommended that they be changed every 3 months.  Start your summer with a clean filter and change it once more before the season ends.  The filter size is 18” x 24” x 1” and can be purchased from Home Depot.  We recommended the filters that can be cut down to the correct size.

  • Ensure that the drainage hose from your furnace is securely placed into your floor drain.  This hose can get accidently hit or removed from the floor drain and is a common cause of leaks.

  • A second lint trap for your dryer has been installed in your unit.  This trap collects excess lint that your dryer’s own lint trap does not and it must be cleaned to avoid a build-up of lint.  During heavy dryer use it is recommended that you clean this second lint trap more frequently.



Air Conditioner


If you are experiencing difficulties with operating you’re a/C unit, please go through this checklist prior to calling for service:


  1. The thermostat system switch must be set to cool and the temperature must be set at least 2 degrees below room temperature for the A/C unit to operate.  (Note that there can be up to a 5 minute delay for the cooling to start after setting the temperature.)

  2. Ensure all breakers for the A/C unit are in the ON position.

  3. Ensure switch for furnace is in the ON position.

  4. Ensure switch for the A/C unit is in the ON position.

  5. Ensure the air filter is clean.



Mildew and Condensation


Although today’s condominiums are carefully climate controlled, mildew and condensation can occasionally appear in bathrooms and other areas that have low lighting and cooler temperatures.  Mildew is caused by an excess amount of moisture in the air. The easiest way to avoid mildew and condensation is to reduce the humidity levels in your home. Humidity levels can be heightened due to daily activities such as showering, cooking, using the dryer or any activity that causes heat. The best ways to help reduce the humidity are:


  • Keep bathroom doors closed when showering and keep windows open if possible and your exhaust fan on.

  • Keep your exhaust fans on when cooking and keep pans covered.

  • Avoid using heavy drapery/blinds.

  • Avoid hanging clothes indoors to dry.

  • Open windows periodically and ensure that the fresh air intake vents are not blocked.

  • Keep heating system fan on to circulate and encourage air flow in unit.

  • Dehumidifiers are very helpful.

  • Ensure lint traps are being cleaned regularly.

  • Promote good air circulation in your home. For example, open blinds and drapes and move furniture so that it is not touching an outside wall.